DSL SNR and Line Attenuation

What are good and bad SNR and Line Attenuation numbers?

  • 6bB or below = Bad and will experience no line synchronization and frequent disconnections
  • 7dB-10dB = Fair but does not leave much room for variances in conditions.
  • 11dB-20dB = Good with little or no disconnection problems
  • 20dB-28dB = Excellent
  • 29dB or above = Outstanding
Line Attenuation
  • 20bB and below = Outstanding
  • 20dB-30dB = Excellent
  • 30dB-40dB = Very Good
  • 40dB-50dB = Good
  • 50dB-60dB = Poor and may experience connectivity issues
  • 60dB and above = Bad and will experience connectivity issues

This information has been copied and reposted all over the internet. It seems to be pretty accurate, but I cannot independently vouch for it.

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