Integrate DND with FreePBX on a Polycom Phone

These instructions are written for FreePBX 10.13.66 with SIP 5.4.0 and tested with Polycom VVX 410 phones. They will probably work for other systems and Polycom phones as well.

By default, Polycom phones operate their own Do Not Disturb functionality. The purpose of these instructions are to:

  1. Integrate the Do Not Disturb functionality with the FreePBX server (including iSymphony).
  2. Provide a more obvious visual feedback using the line key BLF when Do Not Disturb is enabled.

First, we need to make sure that the Polycom phone can dial the feature code required to toggle and monitor DND. To do this we need to edit the dial pattern in the Endpoint Manager template by adding an entry for *76 plus the user’s extension. In my case, I am using three digit extensions, so I need to create an entry for *76xxx. Polycom has some excellent information about what the dial pattern options mean (which Polycom calls the digit map). My complete digit map (which has options you may not need) is listed below:


The second step is to create a BLF entry that dials *76xxx. This can be done using the UCP for the individual user under device management. As an advanced option, you can use Flexible Line Key programming to place the DND line key in a particular position on the screen.

The third step is to remove the default DND horizontal soft key button and menu entry. Polycom has some documentation as to the various options available. To make this change, use Basefile Edit in Endpoint Manager to edit the MAC-Features.cfg file. Add the option feature.doNotDisturb.enable="0". My resulting feature section looks like this:


Rebuild the template and reboot the phone.

Pushing the DND button will toggle Do Not Disturb, playing the default FreePBX toggle message. When DND is active, the BLF light will be red. It will also synchronize with iSymphony or other similar software.

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